Pet Friendly

Services for our 4-legged friends:



Our hotel has always accepted animals (dogs, medium size 15 kg cats, etc.), but for the respect of other guests and for the common rules of hygiene, the owners must guarantee compliance with the following:

Regulations for the acceptance of animals in our hotel
  1. The presence of the animal must be communicated upon booking and at check-in
  2. The management reserves the right to accept the animal at its discretion, and in any case, if it does not comply with what is declared by the guest.
  3. Pet owners undertake to keep their pets on a leash and with a muzzle for the safety of all our guests, in public or common places within the hotel
  4. Pets are not allowed in the hotel restaurant
  5. The customer must be adequately equipped for the welfare of their animal.
  6. Any use of bed and bath linen for the animal (grooming, bedding or other) is prohibited. Any use of linen will be charged to the room bill.
  7. A maximum of two small pets are allowed in one room at a time.
  8. Small and medium sized dogs are allowed.
  9. Pet owners undertake not to leave their pets in the room unattended as they can cause damage. please do not leave pets alone in the rooms during the whole stay (day and night) except for lunch or dinner.
  10. Pet owners accept full responsibility for any damage that may result from animals.
  11. The customer is responsible for all the operations necessary to restore environmental hygiene in the rooms occupied by the animal. If traces (hair, excrement or other) are found on beds or linen, the cost of the cleaning service will be charged.
  12. To ensure the safety of our housekeeping staff, pet owners are requested to notify the front desk when the pet is alone in the room
  13. The behavior of the animal must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb other guests. An animal that disturbs customers or other people in the hotel must, on request, be removed from the structure.
  14. The management reserves the right to withdraw the stay contract to anyone who does not comply with the above indications
  15. The cost is € 5.00 per day with a minimum applicable of € 20.00 for final cleaning and sanitization.

The affiliated establishment in front of the hotel accepts animals.
  • Free beach at 50 meters
  • Pets Shop 200 meters
  • Dog Area at Km 1
  • Veterinarian (for a fee)